Hi, I'm Jane and I'm a professional photographer and tutor. I've liked photography since I was a teenager but now I absolutely love it! And that's because I am really confident about taking the image I see in my mind's eye. I've learned how to use my camera and other gear, l understand what a huge difference light makes and I know how to use composition tools and editing to create photographs that connect with people.

I am so happy that I decided to turn a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby into a full time vocation. The years spent learning and practising my craft have given me a wealth of experience and knowledge, plus a great insight into what people learning photography really need...

Everything you need in one place

  • How to select the right camera, lenses and other gear for you.
  • Settings and menus explained in plain English.
  • The right amount of information at the right time.
  • How to shoot quickly and confidently in lots of different situations.
  • Learn how to edit your images and share, print and display them.
  • How to photograph in all kinds of light.
  • How to use the available light to create a mood or emotion.
  • How to compose an image that draws the viewer in and connects with them.
  • How to be a visual storyteller rather than just a point and shooter.
  • Get encouragement and motivation to keep practising and shooting.
  • Get constructive feedback and advice.
  • Be inspired to do projects, try new genres and techniques.
  • Be able to track your progress and celebrate your achievements.

Do all this and more with the Love Your Lens Academy

The Academy is an online hub for anyone who loves photography and dreams of being able to take better photographs.

It's like being in a virtual classroom and able to browse all sorts of photography resources and courses. Some of you will be happy to work independently, picking and choosing the lessons in the Resources Library that are relevant to you at this time.

If you need more support and guidance and would benefit from the inspiration and encouragement of being in a group with regular live tutorials, then become an Academy Club Member and also get access to all the resources.

Expert resources, courses and masterclasses.

Over the years I've created a wealth of expert photography resources - cheatsheets, blogs, PDFs, videos, masterclasses and podcasts. As an Academy Club Member you can access all of these at any time. However,  there are some great FREE and Pay As You Go resources too.

Browse the Resources Library.

A supportive and inspiring Members Club

Get access to all the resources in the Resources Library when you subscribe monthly to the Members Club.

AND become part of a small online club of fellow photography lovers. As in all the best close communities you'll be supported, encouraged and inspired. And of course I'm there to answer your questions, give you feedback and to set projects and challenges to motivate you and to ensure you progress.

I'll check in with you at the fortnightly live tutorials tailored to club members' needs.

 "You can tell that Jane genuinely enjoys teaching and gets a kick out of seeing her pupils achieve the shot that they want. She often goes above and beyond to support people in her classes. She offers constructive feedback and allows you to improve quickly. Despite being a great photographer and excellent teacher, its Jane the person that is a massive draw. She is supportive, patient and funny, and manages to connect to people on their level. After a few sessions, not only will you realise you have found a great photography teacher, but a friend too.." ." 

Jennie Grainger